Shri. Manharbhai L. Patel

Hon. Managing Trustee 

A prosperous country is one that encourages educating more numbers of citizens. It will help obliterate poverty from the nation. More number of people would become independent and stand on their own feet.

This is a small effort to help the country prosper and provide an environment to the students where they can create themselves in every possible ways. In addition to that, I would like to share with our stakeholders that we are very much conscious about the need for growth and sustainability of technical education which is necessary and inevitable for our county in terms of societal transformation, economic prosperity and global peace. Therefore, we have developed good infrastructure and well equipped laboratory, employed competitive manpower, ancillary facilities and created an environment that offers the best learning experience to cope up with global world. Moreover, we believe that apart from imparting education, we are looking towards overall development of the students so that they are capable to face the global challenges in their field. Hence, we carry out ample activities such as cultural programmes, sport activity, project development cell as well as technical event to ensure complete personality development.

VTCBCSR gives equal importance to curricular as well as co-curricular and extra- curricular activities. We, VTCBCSR family very much grateful to look forward to welcome our students. We will try our level best to provide them with a strong overall education as memorable college experience.

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